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Mature content
Wanting the impossible part 1 :iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 3 2
Mature content
To wake the Prince :iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 12 8
The fairground was heaving. The air was filled with noise, with laughter and screams, and the sounds of people enjoying themselves. And the Torchwood team were happy to be included in that number. Having finally convinced themselves that the fairground was simply a fairground and not some alien threat, the team decided to stay and have some much deserved fun. To that end Gwen and Tosh dragged Owen off to ride what Jack had labelled “a scary and unnatural thing”. Although as Gwen had pointed out ten year olds were riding the Swinging Ship so she couldn’t see what Jack’s problem was. That comment made Ianto sniggered, earning a harsh look from his now rather disgruntled lover.
Sensing Jack’s frustration, Ianto slipped his hand into Jack’s, and leant closer murmuring in his ear, ”Right so now that they’ve gone, anything you fancy riding, Sir?”
Jack’s head snapped round so quick Ianto actually burst out laughing again. The look of surprise
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 4 4
Mature content
Ride with me :iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 11 5
The Truth
The Truth (Merlin/Arthur episode warning for Ep10)
Merlin was shaking as he tried to dress himself. The words he’d overheard last night still echoed through his mind, Morgana’s whispered conversation with Gwen, “Arthur may act like he doesn’t care but he wouldn’t be here is he didn’t.” The idea that Arthur might feel that way about him made Merlin’s insides roll with excitement. There were so many emotions crowding him that he wasn’t even aware of Arthur speaking. It wasn’t until he felt a hand on his shoulder that he realised the crown prince was standing behind him. Turning, Merlin found himself gazing into Arthur’s eyes and found himself drowning in those open eyes, those eyes that spoke so much.
Arthur gave him a soft smile and speaking softly, he said, “You’re shaking.”
“I’m…” began Merlin blushing at the soft look Arthur was giving.
“It’s okay to be afraid, “murmured
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 6 2
The scream echoed round the small chamber that passed for Jack’s bedroom. Looking up from where he was currently dressing – in the process of fastening his tie - Ianto quirked an eyebrow and sauntered over to the door that led to the small bathroom.
Leaning against the doorframe, he asked dryly, “You yelled?”
“Look!” exclaimed Jack turning round to at him, “Look!” he pointed at his hair.
When Ianto just looked blankly at him, Jack squealed, “I have a grey hair!!”
Ianto looked at him for a moment then burst out laughing.
Jack glared at him pouting miserably as Ianto wiped his eyes.
“That’s why you screamed?” asked Ianto still laughing softly to himself.
“I did not scream…" sulked Jack,
“No you did," corrected Ianto fondly as he walked into the room, “You screamed like a girl, Jack. Like a big girl.”
Jack opened his mouth to protest but Ianto shushed him. Brushing a hand over Jack
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 10 6
Forgive me
Forgive me (Merlin/Arthur slash)
“I’ve watched you over come every fear you’ve ever faced,” said Merlin loyally despite the despair that was audible in his voice, “You’ve proved your courage but you must prove your wisdom now. Please Arthur listen to me,” begged Merlin, “This is no ordinary knight.”
Arthur didn’t want to listen. He’d already had his father telling him not to fight and now Merlin – his Merlin - was daring to suggest he shouldn’t fight. He could hear Merlin taking but the words weren’t making sense. All Arthur could hear as he practiced his sword moves, all he could feel, was the anger rushing through his veins. An anger that was starting to mix with the adrenaline and fear he'd been feeling ever since the Black Knight's arrival. He heard Merlin mutter something about the Black Knight being difference.  
He couldn't help the almost petulant, “No one is un beatable” that esc
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 15 4
Mature content
Touch Me :iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 15 14
Magic Hands
“You okay?” asked Ianto softly as he passed Tosh’s station heading towards Jack’s office.
Tosh opened her eyes and looked at him. Shaking her head, she started to stretch her neck out, mumbling, “I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to get the programme to work and my neck is killing…”
“Here let me,” interrupted Ianto.
Setting the tray down, he gently brushed her hands away and circled her slim neck with his hands. Positioning his thumbs on either side of her spine he began to tenderly massage Tosh’s neck.
Tosh started to protest but after a second she gave a soft purr sighing, "Ohhh….ooh that feels good.”
Ianto just smiled and continued to give her a neck rub made of pure bliss.
In his office Jack looked up wondering were both Ianto and his coffee were. Setting his pen down, he hit his comm. link and whined playfully, “Iiiiiaaaantoooo, Where are you? Where’s my coffee?”
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 14 6
Dance with me
Dance with Me
“Right, that’s it," called Gwen dramatically as she got to her feet, “I can’t take it any more.”
Ianto looked up and smiled. Gwen grinned at him adding with a comic groan, “Two hours of Glenn Miller blaring out of that office is more than enough for anyone. I’m going home.”
Grabbing her bag, she wandered across to the workstation Ianto was sprawled at and looking at him with a fond smile, she chuckled and said, ”Don’t let him keep you up all night with that racket. Try and get some sleep, Sweetheart.”
Ianto smiled answering softly, “I’ll try, I promise. But given he’s been playing it for the last two hours..."
As his voiced faded, Ianto flicked a sad, knowing look at Gwen. She nodded in silent understanding – Jack was brooding, again, and that was never a good thing. Leaning forward she gave Ianto a light peck on the cheek then straightening, she called, “Don’t let him take advan
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 10 9
Mature content
Strangers in the night :iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 8 9
Mature content
Our Secret :iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 11 6
Mature content
Shining Pleasure :iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 18 10
Make me forget
Make me forget (Merlin/Arthur Fic)
Arthur was staring into the fire, lost so deep within in his thoughts he didn’t notice Merlin standing in the doorway. Merlin sighed. He hated what had happened. Hated the fact Uther had forced Arthur to deal with the villagers, hated that Uther had been so cruel and heartless as to force Arthur to oversee the executions. Merlin knew what it had done to his prince; he knew that Arthur didn’t share his father’s cruelty. For all his haughtiness and imperial ways, Merlin knew Arthur was a kind, compassionate man. A man who cared for the people and the kingdom in equal measures and seeing him so badly affected by his father’s actions hurt Merlin.
Stepping into the room, Merlin closed the door behind him and slid the bolt into place. Walking across to the fireplace, he stopped a little way behind Arthur and asked softly, ”You okay?”
Arthur jumped a little and barely turning his head, he replied stiffly, “I’m
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 23 21
Kiss it better
Kiss It Better (A Merlin/Arthur fic)
Merlin groaned. His body ached really ached and as he trailed after Gaius heading towards his bedroom he mumbled, “I think he just enjoys beating me up.”
Gaius turned and regarded him with a fond look saying, ”No, he merely treats you the way any other manservant is treated,”
“Oh that makes me feel better!” snapped Merlin groaning as he sank onto the edge of his bed.
Gaius gave a soft laugh ordering, "Shirt off.”
As Merlin obeyed, he continued, "Merlin, you are no different to any of the other knights’ servants. As a servant you have to learn how to fight. That’s all Arthur was doing – teaching you.”
“He kept hitting me with a stick!" whined Merlin, wincing as Gaius started to rub ointment into his bruised shoulder.
“No,” corrected Gaius, “he was trying to get you to parry with your sword, which,” said Gaius firmly completely ignoring Merlin’s mumbled protes
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 24 10
First Touch
First touch a Merlin/Arthur slash fic
The tension in the tent was palpable. Outside they could hear the tournament in full flow around them. However in Arthur's tent everything was silence. Merlin knelt in front of Arthur, head bowed as he fitted the last piece of armour. They were both lost in their own worlds – Arthur preparing himself for the forthcoming fight, while Merlin was trying desperately to master the spell, going over the words again and again in his head.
It was only as he felt his face brush against Arthur’s thigh that Merlin realised how close he had gotten to the other man. He felt his hands tremble and cursed himself. He really didn’t need to add that to his list of current problems. He knew he was being foolish but ever since he’d started working for the prince he’d felt things stir within him. Emotions he knew he really shouldn’t be feeling, certainly not for Arthur. He bowed his head even further, redoubling his efforts to fit t
:iconbelladonna80:belladonna80 40 19


for midnight5 by reignoffire86 for midnight5 :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 2 4 David Tennant 2 by reignoffire86 David Tennant 2 :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 55 30
Mature content
Struggle - Ianto:Owen :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 10 17
Mature content
Surprise - Owen:Capt'n John :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 9 13
Mature content
Power Play - Owen:Capt'n John :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 9 3
Mature content
Pay Back 2 - Owen:Capt'n John :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 12 31
Mature content
Pay Back 1 - Owen:Capt'n John :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 16 6
Heaven:Hell - A Choice by reignoffire86 Heaven:Hell - A Choice :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 31 35
Mature content
Rain of Whiskey - Ianto:Owen :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 8 13
Mature content
The Clock is Ticking :iconcjmarie:cjmarie 32 28
Standing To Attention
Warning PWP. In military gear. Mmm smutty
Standing To Attention. By Mark Burnett and Captain Brennan.
He stood in front of the mirror, his polished silver wings gleaming on the lapel of his tunic jacket. His hands reached up to reposition his hat, fingers lingering for a moment on the RAF insignia, just above the peak. It had been a long time since he’d last donned the uniform, but it still felt right, the gentle pressure of the hat on his head, the scratch of the wool against his neck. It felt like he was meant to wear it.
Standing to attention, he raised his right hand to his forehead in a salute. His eyes closed as he felt arms slide around his waist, hot breath against the nape of his neck. He shivered, feeling lips press a small kiss to the side of his throat.
“Just what do you think you’re doing, Lieutenant?” he breathed.
“Kissing your throat, Captain,” the young man replied.
He felt a tongue lick at his skin, causing his breath to hitch, a bo
:iconthe-disturbed-duo:The-Disturbed-Duo 28 47
Captain John Icon by reignoffire86 Captain John Icon :iconreignoffire86:reignoffire86 21 6
Mature content
Boys' Games :iconxbleachedxwoodx:XBleachedXWoodX 13 8
I Almost Lost You. Part 3
Part 3
“Ianto? Ianto, wake up! Look at me!” Jack shook the young Welshman by the shoulders, trying to rouse him.
“C’mon, Yan, please, up and at ‘em!” the captain was getting frantic. He’d had lovers pass out with the strength of their orgasms before, but this was nothing like that. This was frightening.
“Up you get, Yan, c’mon, this isn’t funny any more,” Jack pulled Ianto into his arms, kissing his forehead. He pressed his fingers to the younger man’s wrist, checking for a pulse. It was there, but it was weak. He could feel Ianto’s chest rising, taking shallow breaths. For the first time, Jack noticed how completely dehydrated the young man’s skin looked, how thin he appeared.
“Shit, Ianto, why didn’t you tell me?” Jack sighed.
He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed his comm system. Inserting it in his ear, he dialled Owen’s number.
“Whaddaya want Jack?” the team’s doctor
:iconthe-disturbed-duo:The-Disturbed-Duo 11 25
I Almost Lost You. Part 2
Part 2.
It was slow and gentle, Ianto tentatively exploring Jack’s mouth. He stroked one hand over Jack’s neck, resting it there while he continued to taste the captain’s lips. He broke away after a long, sweet moment.
“No, Ianto, not me, no,” Jack whispered, finding it hard to breathe.
“But it’s you I want, sir, it’s always been you. I’ve felt so guilty about it, but I just can’t help it, I want you, sir.” Ianto said the words as though he were being tortured. There was so much pain and reluctance in his voice, yet Jack couldn’t deny the verity of his statement. It almost ripped his heart in two.
“If you want me to stop… if you don’t want this…” he began,
“I want it,” was all the younger man said before he took Jack’s lips in another soft kiss. Jack let his hands wander everywhere, all over Ianto’s body. He flipped them, so he was lying on top of Ianto, his lips brushing over his f
:iconthe-disturbed-duo:The-Disturbed-Duo 14 41
Please Don't Hate Me 2
Please Don’t Hate Me
Part Two
Walking up to Jack, Ianto said nothing. He leant forward to kiss Jack so softly, holding his hand against his captain’s cheek. A single tear ran down his own at the thought of Jack even thinking that he would reject him.
Ianto couldn't think about the rest of his life without Jack now. Pulling away only a little, he rested his head against Jack's, before he whispered,
'I will always love you, Captain. No matter what. All of what I just saw could have happened yesterday and I would still love you with every inch of my body and soul. Please, never think any different. We all have a past, some more than others and it hurts, God it hurts, Jack, but you make it okay again. I only have to call you and I forget everything bad. I want to do the same for you.'
Kissing him again, Ianto threw his arms around his captain as his muffled voice came from Jack’ collar.
' still up for being Captain Harkness-Jones then?'
Jack pulled back for a second;
:iconthe-disturbed-duo:The-Disturbed-Duo 9 61



United Kingdom
oooh I just got back from a fab holiday!! We had an isolated cottage on a beach in Wales and it was wodnerful. And while I couldn't pursuade the folks to take me to Cardiff (well it was 3 hours from where we were!) I still got my writting bunnies all charged up so apoligies now if you get bored with my scribblings.

Hope y'all well

:love: and :hug:s to all
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